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Got Wood? Are you interested in reclaiming an old barn or warehouse or industrial building? Do you have barn siding, hand hewn beams, timbers, or decking from industrial buildings, sunken logs, bricks, pavers or other reclaimed building materials? - We buy reclaimed and salvaged timber and beams.

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About Resource Conservation Group

Serving you with a focus on Service, Quality & Fair Prices" isn't just something we put out there to make you feel warm and fuzzy about us.
It's a philosophy that we have lived by since the very beginning...

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We sell RECLAIMED WOOD PRODUCTS and service Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange and San Diego Counties locally and ship worldwide.

Southern California's largest selection of RECLAIMED LUMBER in our 3 Los Angeles yards with a large and ongoing inventory of Reclaimed Old Growth Douglas Fir/Rough-Sawn Douglas Fir, Reclaimed Barnwood (Reclaimed Red Oak and White Oak, Reclaimed Beech, Reclaimed Poplar, Reclaimed Maple, etc.) Reclaimed Pine and more...

Available in raw form as Reclaimed Dimensional Lumber, Reclaimed Antique Wood Beams, Salvaged Timbers, Reclaimed Wood Flooring and Vintage Wood Flooring, Reclaimed Slabs... ALL Recycled Wood from demolition projects (commercials, residential and Barnwood), fire kill/standing dead and urban timber on occasion. Also available as Custom Furniture, Custom Cabinetry and milled for Restaurant/Retail Store build out.

Reclaimed Wood is in our blood... has been since we first started working with it back in 1994. Using Reclaimed Lumber not only helps keep it out of landfills and keeps new trees from being cut down, it's also superior to new material in many ways... structurally and visually.

A Tree Can Live Foreverâ„¢

New vs. Reclaimed Wood

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New... 4x8 sheets of plywood clad in reclaimed lumber... for restaurant and retail store build out... Quick & Clean! http://t.co/3G1R60gL

New item... Reclaimed Douglas Fir Restaurant Chair... Just $75... American MAAD. http://t.co/ski3Fqol

Chaffing dish covers made of barnwood for one of the movie studios... something nicer than the metal ones... $50 each. http://t.co/2fcSNGHZ

The truck being offloaded to put into a container. Prices on this stuff you won't believe... 100% American MAAD. http://t.co/ut8i1Ygk

Load of Wide Plank Oak Flooring on it's way to Japan. Contact us for details... Available on an ongoing basis. http://t.co/orggiuxK